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  • Q4.About KAMADOQ color
    A4. 21inch red, black 18inch red, green 16Mini red and black are available. In addition, increase the product brand from orders of 30 Kamadoq    Original colors are also accepted.
  • Q7. Can I cook rice?
    A7. You can cook rice using a hagama or clay pot.
  • Q5. Does it take time to start a fire, adjust the fire, and put it out?
    A5. Due to the chimney effect of KAMADOQ body,  Since fresh oxygen is constantly distributed to the combustion section, charcoal can be burned efficiently.  Temperature control is done by letting air in and out.  Air is taken into the grill through the "lower ventilation vent", and air is let out through the "lower ventilation vent".   Perform each from the "upper ventilation vent".   Temperature can be controlled by frequently adjusting the vents.  Also, by completely closing the vent, you can block the air and extinguish the charcoal.
  • Q8. How far away do I need to be from flammable materials?
    A8. As a general rule, use outdoors and keep a distance of at least 2m from flammable materials.
  • Q1. What is KAMADOQ?
    A1.For details, please refer to here< u>
  • Q3. About the history of Kamado Grill
    A3. For details, refer to here
  • Q9. Can I see the actual KAMADOQ?
    A9. We have KAMADOQ experience and exhibition facilities.   For more information, click here < Please check /span>.
  • Q6. Is there anything I need to prepare before using it?
    A6. Please prepare the three sacred treasures. ・Fireproof gloves to protect your safety    ・Water gun for controlling flames burning with oil (100 yen)   ・Charcoal pot to release charcoal when adjusting and finishing charcoal
  • Q2. Please tell me about the pottery.
    A2. For details, refer to here
  • Q8. 羽釜のサイズを教えてください
    A8. 添付画像を参考にしてください
  • Q2. What kind of charcoal should I use?
    A2. Used as a blend of mangrove charcoal and sawdust charcoal.   If you have a special charcoal for your cooking Please feel free to use it.
  • Q1. What is the difference between cooking with gas and charcoal?
    A1. Charcoal is said to emit more than twice the amount of far-infrared rays than gas.  It bakes at a higher temperature and faster than baking with gas, and the effect of far infrared rays allows it to be cooked evenly  Can be thoroughly cooked and is included in raw meat as an umami ingredient  Glutamic acid is 1.8 times more when grilled with gas and 2.2 times more when grilled with charcoal   It is known that it will increase.  Also, the smoke effect can add flavor and flavor to the food.  Charcoal can bring out the original flavor of ingredients.
  • Q3. How should I clean it after use?
    A3. For daily self-cleaning, scrape out the ash with an ash scraper Cleaning is very easy with grid washing.
  • Q 7. Please tell me how to replace the gasket.
    A7. Please refer to YouTube /watch?v=k5hqb5chRUQ
  • Q4. If a part breaks, is it possible?
    A4. We prepare all parts from one screw.
  • Q6. How long does it take for delivery after ordering?
    A6. After confirming the payment, it can be shipped within 3 working days.
  • Q2. How should I purchase?
    A2. Purchase flow is Click here Please check .
  • Q1. What options are available for KAMADOQ?
    A1. Option page link Click here. /
  • Q5. Can I store it outside?
    A5. There is a product called a rain cover that protects KAMADOQ.  However, please be careful as it may get moldy if you leave it on for a long time.


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