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In Japan, it was called Mushikamado and was popular as a cooking utensil throughout the country from the early Showa era to around 1965.

From around 1945, Mushikamado was exported to the United States and became popular as a BBQ grill, with the name Mushikamado as a reference.

Popular Kamado grills such as Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe have been developed.

Here we will introduce how to enjoy ceramic kamado grills from around the world and videos of event festivals.


A multi-functional ceramic oven for barbecues and
Cookware used for outdoor cooking.
The distinctive shape has its roots in Japan,
Originated from Mushikamado, which was used as a rice cooker until the 1960s.

After the war, Ed Fisher brought Musikamado back to his home country.

Improved as a BBQ grillBig Green Egg was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974.​Now in name and reality

Became America's No. 1 company.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 114849.png

Kamado Joeは、2009年に創業された会社です。


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